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Lister Testimonials

Having these beautiful brochures "ready made" and "customized" with my personal information and photo on the back panel, saves me time and money, as well as promoting one of the most effective protocols for emotional pain. I am now on my second printing!

Thank you for providing this powerful marketing tool.

—Lynne Logan, Ph.D., LMFT (PA)

Have you considered developing a website for your practice? The EMDR Therapist Network has made this incredibly easy for all EMDR therapists. you will see how helpful, thorough and professional this personal website can be for you. Thanks for offering this service Carol!
—Karen Forte, LCSW, DCSW (OR) - Regional Coordinator

I love having the brochures and give them to clients and other possible referral sources along with the EMDR brochure from EMDRIA. Having my photo and contact information seems to add more legitimacy to my presentation. I want to again thank you for creating them for our use!
—Susan Goodell, CA

The Network has definitely paid off for me with several direct referrals. Clients have driven (or taken trains) from significant distances to work with me and I am very grateful for that. And you've continued to add benefits and features to our membership. Thank you for all that and for your continued growth.
—Jane Hart, PA

Last year I started including the site information in my line add in our local phone book. This is the first year I have had a full client load and have even had to find other EMDR Therapist in my area to refer clients to that I could not see soon enough. Belonging to this network is being part of a highly credible practice group.
—Saren Nelson, OR