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Is EMDR for me?

Is EMDR Right for you? Ask yourself the questions below.

  1. Are you losing productivity at home or at work because of symptoms of anxiety?
  2. Are you still feeling depressed or lonely, despite the practice of positive thinking? Are you angry all the time, and don't know why?
  3. Are you frustrated that the "real you" is buried by hair-trigger, out of control emotions?
  4. Have phobias limited your life, despite your best efforts to overcome them?
  5. Have you been in therapy "forever," wrestling with the same old problems?
  6. Have you tried cognitive therapies only to find your emotions still ruling your life?
  7. Do you want to calm the chaos of self-defeating thoughts, feelings, and behaviors?
  8. Do you want to get to the root cause of chronic symptoms?
  9. Do you want to reduce stress and its negative impact on your physical health?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, EMDR may be a great option for you. To find a practitioner in your area, please click here →.

EMDR in the news 10 reasons to try EMDR Is EMDR for me?

We would like you to note that research results don't yet support all the ways that individual therapists use EMDR in their practice. Please ask your therapist to tell you about their training and successes with clients.

Read more about the current research and the efficacy of EMDR here.